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Vibrant Trio: Red, Beige, and Blue Bath Towel Set


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  • HPAS0129
  • Width   90 Cm / 35.4 inches  
    Length   180 Cm / 70.8 inches  

    This set includes three magnificent bath towels in vibrant red, warm beige, and cool blue colors. Here's a more detailed description:

    A Splash of Color: Red, Beige, and Blue Bath Towel Set

    This set adds a burst of vitality to your bathroom. Red represents passion and vibrancy, beige signifies calmness, and blue embodies freshness. Each of these three colors has its uniqueness and contributes to an impressive style that you'll find in this bath towel set.

    Quality Cotton: 100% Cotton Texture

    Each towel is made from 100% cotton, providing a natural and soft touch. Cotton fibers ensure excellent water absorption, gently enveloping your skin and enhancing your post-bath comfort.

    Reflect Your Personal Style

    This colorful trio allows your bathroom or beach style to reflect your individuality. The harmonious blend of red, beige, and blue creates a towel set that's both stylish and functional. It's ideal for use at home after a bath or on sunny beach days.

    The Red, Beige, and Blue bath towel set combines the vivacity of different colors with the comfort of 100% cotton. Use this set to instantly transform the ambiance of your bathroom or beach and express your personal style.

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