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Handmade Burgundy Silk Ikat Shawl with Dimensions: 200x40cm / 78.7"x15.7"

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    Width   40 Cm / 15.7 inches  
    Length   200 Cm / 78.7 inches  

    Handmade BurgundySilk Ikat Shawl with Dimensions: 200x40cm / 78.7"x15.7"

    A beautiful Shawl with and outfit adds confidence in women and of course gives a stunning look. 90% Silk, 10% Cotton.

    Soft to the touch, warm and truly fashionable in blending contemporaries with tradition.

    PERFECT GIFT for you and for your loved ones.
    Beautiful and easy to wear with anything -- dress up or play it cool. An unbeatable choice for travel as a carry-on wrap or a throw.

    This is a genuine handwoven/ handloom piece made distinct by unevenness in the selvedge, weave and color which are its characteristic feature. The actual colour may vary ever so slightly from the pictures . On account of organic hand woven and hand dyed processes in play,certain amount of colour variation may be discernible . This testifies to the genuineness of both materials and technique and enhances the individuality and uniqueness of each piece. No two hand woven natural material products can be exactly alike and that is what makes each piece a special pleasure to own and wear.

    Width   40 Cm / 15.7 inches  
    Length   200 Cm / 78.7 inches  


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