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Uzbek Silk Suzani


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  • YURSS33
  • Width   157 Cm / 61.8 inches  
    Length   220 Cm / 86.6 inches  
    Traditional Uzbek folk art. This decorative embroidery panel was hand-stitched by women using age-old traditions. Hang as tapestry or use as a bedspread, coverlet, curtain, or tablecloth. This suzani is a vintage dowry piece, 10-20 years old and gently used by the villagers who made it. Any small imperfections like tears, spot and smell may be considered proof of its authenticity. We recommend spot or dry clean only.

    Suzani Embroidery

    The term Suzani means "needlework"--specifically, the exquisite silk thread embroidery panels made by Uzbek women. Traditionally this embroidery work began at the birth of a daughter and continued, with the help of family and friends, until the bride's dowry was complete. As the Soviet era ended and Westerners discovered Central Asian folk arts, the price of antique suzanis skyrocketed. Now brings you recent and contemporary suzanis, affordably priced.  Our suzanis are genuine folk art, stitched by hand in the traditional manner. Once used as coverlets for the bridal bed, these gorgeous textiles can bring color and texture to any environ. Suzani make delightful wall hangings, bedspreads, furniture throws, pillows, or even tablecloths.  Browse our Embroidery department for Silk, Uzbek, Turkmen, and Aghan Suzanis. To learn more about Suzani ethnic textiles, see our Info Pages.   
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