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Ottoman Calligraphy


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  • GMUS007
  • Width   35 Cm / 13.8 inches  
    Length   17 Cm / 6.7 inches  
    There is no god but Allah. Kelime-i Tevhid with gold Paint

    Ottoman Calligraphy

    Traditionally, this highly ornamental writing technique was used in court writings, decrees, Korans, and other eminent manuscripts. Calligraphic art dates to the 10th-century Uighur Turks, and had been perfected by the 17th-century rule of Suleiman the Magnificent. At that time, a special school of calligraphy was established in the Topkapi Palace. But the advent of the printing press made scribes obsolete, and the Topkapi is now a museum. In 1983, however, Turkish Fine Arts faculties began reviving interest; now traditional writing is making a comeback. Yurdan proudly features the newest generation of calligraphic and gilding artists. Be sure to click on detail photos to appreciate their fantastic artwork.  In this department you will find Islamic, Ottoman, & Turkish Calligraphies.

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