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Jewellery box


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  • GAH00410
  • Width   13 Cm / 5.1 inches  
    Length   13 Cm / 5.1 inches  
    Height   8 Cm / 3.1 inches  
    Hand made Decorated with Mother of Pearl on solid Walnut.
    Property Value
    Mother of Pearl by Model Boxes

    Mother Of Pearl Crafts helps you find unique gift ideas. Make a great impression with these original mother of pearl crafts. In this department you can see gift and home decorating items.

    • Mother of Pearl Inlays, Mother of Pearl Jewelry Boxes, Mother of Pearl Picture Frames
    • Jewellery Boxes, Stools, Chests with Mother of Pearl
    • Persian Jewellery Boxes, Small Boxes, Frames, Telephone Holders
    • Kumbets, Trestles with Chessboards, Tripods, Chairs
    • Ashtrays, Small Chests, Rahles, Antique Pistols, Troy Holders, Antique Swords
    • Antique Rifles, Backgammon Bords, Coffers with Drawer

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