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Timeless Grandeur: Large Classic Colored Cells Handmade Chess Set with Walnut, Mother of Pearl, and Large Classic Metal Figures


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  • Width   45 Cm / 17.71 inches  
    Length   45 Cm / 17.71 inches  

    Indulge in the grandeur of strategic brilliance with our Large Classic Colored Cells Handmade Chess Set, a magnificent masterpiece that exemplifies the perfect blend of tradition and craftsmanship. This exquisite chess set is meticulously crafted from premium walnut wood, boasting classic colored cells, and adorned with intricate mother of pearl inlays, making it a show-stopping centerpiece for any chess enthusiast.

    The chessboard's large size features a captivating arrangement of classic colored cells, each meticulously handcrafted to ensure precision and a visually striking design. The smooth walnut frame adds a touch of elegance, beautifully complementing the bold colors of the playing area. The delicate mother of pearl inlays enhance the board's allure, creating a sense of timeless charm.

    Our set includes large-sized classic metal chess figures, expertly crafted to perfection. The metal pieces exude a sense of prestige and magnificence, making each move a statement of grandeur and strategy. The harmonious blend of metal, walnut, and mother of pearl creates an ensemble that demands admiration and awe.

    Rediscover the art of chess with this exceptional Large Classic Colored Cells Handmade Chess Set. Whether displayed in your study, living room, or used for intense chess battles, this set elevates the experience of chess to new heights.

    Embrace the timeless grandeur of this captivating masterpiece, where classic colors meet elegance, and strategic brilliance reigns supreme. Experience the perfect harmony of aesthetics and intellect with our Large Classic Colored Cells Handmade Chess Set - a true embodiment of timeless grandeur for the discerning chess connoisseur.

    Turkish Chess Sets

    The Enjoyistanbul offers the very finest chess sets - so popular, they never go out of style. Many of our boards are intarsia, intricately detailed wood "mosaics" similar to marquetry. Be sure to click on larger image photos to see their exquisite surfaces! Sit before one of our chessboards, hold the pieces in your hand, and imagine you are in an Istanbul café, a British pub, or a park in Paris. The classic gift for intellectuals of all ages, on any occasion. Our Chess Sets department includes:

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