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Soumak Kilim- 2.2'X9'/0.7X2.7 Mt.

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    • K002802
    Width   66 Cm/2.2 Ft  
    Length   273 Cm/9 Ft  
    Soumaks are woven using the supplementary weft technique. In plain kilims, the horizontal weft threads pass over and under vertical warp threads. In Soumaks, the wefts actually wrap around the warps--resulting in a thicker rug with a rich embroidered look. Yurdan's Turkish and Persian Soumaks are both beautiful and durable--a good choice for high traffic areas.
    Property Value
    Rug by Size 2X9Ft.
    Kilims by Background Color Beige
    Kilims by Shape Runner
    Kilims by Border Color Blue
    Kilims by Pattern Geometric
    Kilims by Layout Medallion
    Kilims by Material Silk on cotton
    Kilims by Condition Fine
    Kilims by Age New
    Kilims by Style Iran

    Iran Kilims

    Persian Kilims are flatweaves including Gelim, Sumakh, Jajim, & Sofreh types. A thousand years ago, every town in Iran had its own distinct weaving style. Society was also a factor: elegant silk carpets signalled wealth and distinction, while Sufis and Dervishes (who shunned earthly materialism) wove coarser rugs. Among the Azerbaijani, Shahsevan and Qashqa'i nomads, slit-woven tapestry predominated. Over time, village motifs and styles intermingled. But whether made for kings or shepherds, both old and new Persian rugs remain treasured throughout the world for their ethnic splendor. Let Yurdan.com be your source of woven history! Synonymous with High Fashion, a Persian kilim will be the centerpiece of your home, & enjoyable for many years to come.  We offer various Persian rugs including new and antique Persian kilims, Soumaks, Rahrah, Afshar, Bakhtiari, Lori, and Shiraz kilims, as well as discount kilims.
    To learn more, visit our  Oriental Rugs Page

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