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Ferehan Carpet - 3'X15.9'/0.9X4.9 Mt.


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  • YH01838
  • Width   91 Cm/3 Ft  
    Length   486 Cm/15.9 Ft  
    Height   0  
    Ferahan carpets were a very esthetic. They drew upon a sophisticated design repertoire without the formality of a city workshop carpet. Technically there are a well made carpet and as a rule the dyes were very good. Ferahan rugs often used a very attractive copper green called celadon after the Chinese pottery. It would turn brittle over timeand wear away leaving a sculpted look.
    Property Value
    Rug by Size 3X16Ft.
    Rugs by Shape Rectangular
    Rugs by Shape Runner
    Rugs by Material Wool on cotton
    Rugs by Age Semi old
    Rugs by Condition Fine

    Persian Rugs

    Persian carpets and rugs have always been and still are an intrinsic part of Iranian culture and its people's daily lives. Indeed, carpets and rugs are in many cases the most valued possessions, and they are an integral part of an Iranian home.
    To look at a Persian carpet is to gaze into a world of artistic magnificence nurtured for more then 2,500 years. The Iranians were among the first carpet weaver of the ancient civilizations and, through centuries of creativity and ingenuity building upon the talents of the past, achieved a unique degree of excellence. In this department you can find antique Persian carpets. We have wholesale Persian carpets.

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      You can have some info  about oriental rugs at our Oriental Rugs Page

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