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Konya Kilim- 5.9'X12.8'/1.8X3.9 Mt.


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  • Width   180 Cm/5.9 Ft  
    Length   390 Cm/12.8 Ft  
    Height   0  

    Konya Kilim- 5.9'X12.8'/1.8X3.9 Mt.


    Width 180 Cm/5.9 Ft

    Length 390 Cm/12.8 Ft

    Beautiful flatweavings such as this one, made by the tribal women of Anatolia, are highly appreciated by collectors and have rightly earned a place in history for the anonymous women who made them. Named after the village or region of its origin, this rug is from 60 to 90 years old, and was probably made as a traditional dowry piece. The fine condition of the rug is testimony to its value: the tribespeople who owned it took pains to safeguard it from wear and weather. Increasingly rare (as the nomadic lifestyle becomes extinct), fine antique kilims are more than floor coverings or dry museum pieces; each one is a window into another culture and time.

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    Property Value
    Rug by Size 6X13Ft.
    Kilims by Shape Runner
    Kilims by Pattern Geometric
    Kilims by Condition Fine
    Kilims by Age Old

    Kilim Rugs

    Genuine handmade kilims are among the world's most coveted household items. Famous for their rich colors, warm tones, and beautiful ethnic motifs, these flat-woven rugs embody a splendid mix of cultures: the Greeks, Armenians, Kurds, Assyrian, & Turkic peoples have all contributed to kilim history. While antique weavings are increasingly rare, today Turkey leads the world in a return to traditional kilim rug production. proudly offers authentic kilims made from natural wool, cotton, and silk fibers, and quality dyes. Because every rug is hand-woven according to age-old traditions, each is a unique work of ethnic art.

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