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Kazak Carpet - 6.5'X4'/2X1.2 Mt.


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  • H000900
  • Width   197 Cm/6.5 Ft  
    Length   122 Cm/4 Ft  
    Height   0  

    Kazak Carpet - 6.5'X4'/2X1.2 Mt.



    Width 197 Cm/6.5 Ft

    Length 122 Cm/4 Ft

    In origin, a tribal name, now a town, river and district in the extreme west of Azerbaijan, the Caucuses. Kazak rugs are noted for their coarse, long-pile carpets with shiny wool and vigorous designs. The weavers were Turkic nomads, now settled, who came to the region at the time of the great westward migration of Turks in the eleventh century.

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    Property Value
    Rug by Size 6X4Ft.
    Rugs by Shape Rectangular
    Rugs by Material Wool on wool
    Rugs by Age New
    Rugs by Background Color Mix
    Rugs by Border Color Mix
    Rugs by Condition Fine

    Caucasian Rugs

    Our Caucasian rugs are completely different. They are woven in the Caucasus region between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea to the south of Russia. The master weavers—all of whom are adult women—were taught the art of weaving by their mothers who in turn were taught  by their grandmothers, which has always been the weaving tradition of the Caucasus. In this department you can find Antique Caucasian Carpets and Rugs.

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      You can have some info  about oriental rugs at our Oriental Rugs Page

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