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Handmade 24 Karat Gold-Plated Bronze Earrings: A Crown of Elegance


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  • Weight   20g / 0,71Ounce  

    These handmade earrings are a work of art where the beauty of natural stones meets aesthetics and elegance. The faceted agate stones are at the heart of this unique design, complemented by the grace of pearl stones.

    Faceted Agate Stones: Nature's Unique Gift

    Each faceted agate stone is considered a unique gift from nature. These natural stones are of great importance both aesthetically and medically.

    Pearl Stones: Symbol of Classic Elegance

    For centuries, pearls have been considered a symbol of elegance and sophistication. These earrings carry the noble and classic elegance of pearl stones.

    24 Karat Gold-Plated Bronze: Luxury and Quality

    The earrings are made of high-quality bronze and meticulously plated with 24K gold. This not only adds an aesthetic touch but also enhances their durability.

    Anti-Allergenic Earring Hooks: Comfort and Safety

    The earring hooks are specially designed to provide user comfort and protect against skin sensitivity.

    A Choice for Every Occasion and Style

    These handmade earrings offer elegance that perfectly complements any outfit. The beauty of pearls and faceted agate stones makes them an excellent choice for various events.

    Create Your Own Style

    These unique handmade earrings are a perfect choice to express your style and complete your look. The beauty of pearls and faceted agate stones is suitable for various occasions.

    Harmony of Elegance and Aesthetics

    The elegance of pearl and faceted agate stones, when combined with 24K gold-plated bronze, creates a unique synergy. These earrings express your elegance.

    A Gaze Beyond Time and Style

    By wearing these beautiful handmade earrings, you can crown every moment with elegance and aesthetics. Pearls and gold-plated bronze are the perfect choice to stand out in every event.

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