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Handcrafted Walnut Backgammon Set with Jade Stone and Brass Inlay, Accented by Red Epoxy


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  • TVL0006
  • Width   25 Cm / 10 inches  
    Length   50 Cm / 20 inches  

    Our Handmade Backgammon Set comes complete with a set of beautifully crafted backgammon pieces and a pair of dice.

    Experience the epitome of luxury gaming with our Handcrafted Walnut Backgammon Set. Meticulously created by skilled artisans, this exquisite set combines the natural beauty of walnut wood with the elegance of jade stone and brass inlay, all accentuated by a striking red epoxy finish.

    The game board showcases a meticulously crafted playing surface, featuring intricate inlays of jade stone and brass. These exquisite materials are thoughtfully arranged to create captivating patterns that exude sophistication and visual appeal. The rich tones of the walnut wood provide a warm and inviting backdrop, while the brass inlay adds a touch of opulence.

    What truly sets this backgammon set apart is the vibrant red epoxy accent on the decorative back. This bold and modern element brings a pop of color to the design, creating a striking contrast against the natural wood and enhancing the overall aesthetic.

    Crafted for both beauty and functionality, this set includes all the necessary components for an immersive gaming experience. The backgammon pieces are meticulously shaped and finished, ensuring a smooth and comfortable feel during play. With its combination of exquisite materials and attention to detail, this handcrafted set is a true collector's item.

    Indulge in the refined artistry and elegance of our Handcrafted Walnut Backgammon Set with Jade Stone and Brass Inlay, Accented by Red Epoxy. Whether displayed as a centerpiece or used for gameplay, this exceptional creation promises both visual delight and countless hours of enjoyable gaming. Elevate your gaming experience and immerse yourself in the sophistication of this remarkable backgammon set.

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