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Handcrafted Ceramic Tiles with Red and Turquoise Tulip Design: Colorful Elegance


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  • HDSF00600
  • Width   10 Cm / 3.9 inches  
    Length   10 Cm / 3.9 inches  

    These handcrafted ceramic tiles are adorned with captivating red and turquoise tulip patterns. Each tile represents a unique piece of art meticulously crafted by the artist. These ceramic tiles offer a perfect way to add color and elegance to your space. The red and turquoise tulip designs blend traditional and modern aesthetics, enhancing the beauty of your home or workplace. Each tile is handmade and carries its own distinctive texture, adding unique character to your space. These ceramic tiles not only provide a visual delight but also infuse your surroundings with grace and personality. Behold these wonderful pieces that embody a splendid fusion of handcrafted art and craftsmanship!

    PLEASE NOTICE: In case of out of stock, it will take 1-2 weeks for the artist  to make new one(s).

    Property Value
    Tiles by Material Ceramic
    Tiles by Size 10x10 Cm-4x4 inch

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