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Handcrafted Brass Whirling Dervish Set: Unleash Unique Creativity with Dance Art Set


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  • The Handcrafted Brass Whirling Dervish Set beautifully combines the art of dance with exquisite craftsmanship. This unique set is sure to captivate the interest of many art enthusiasts, offering a truly creative and one-of-a-kind product. Here's more about this special set:

    • Handcrafted Brass Products: Each piece in this set is meticulously handcrafted, using brass as the primary material. This means that every item is uniquely crafted, with every detail painstakingly worked on to ensure that each figurine resembles a genuine work of art.

    • Whirling Dervish Figures: The set comprises an array of whirling dervish figures, varying in size and design. These figures are a testament to their creators' dedication, capturing the graceful and aesthetic movements of the dervishes in exquisite detail.

    • Respect for Dance Art: This set has been thoughtfully designed to embrace and celebrate the essence of Sufi dance art. Each whirling dervish figurine reflects the profound significance and elegance of this remarkable art form.

    • Unleash Unique Creativity: This set is the perfect choice to spark creativity and add an artistic touch to your surroundings. If you're looking to create a distinct ambiance in your home or office décor, the Handcrafted Brass Whirling Dervish Set is a splendid option.

    • Ideal as a Gift: Additionally, it makes for an exceptional gift choice. Surprise and delight your friends or family members who have a penchant for the arts by gifting them this unique handcrafted brass whirling dervish set.

    The Handcrafted Brass Whirling Dervish Set not only brings the beauty and grace of dance art into your space but also serves as a window into the world of art and handmade craftsmanship. This exceptional set is certain to capture everyone's attention and become a conversation starter.

    No1: 11 Cm / 4.3 inches

    No2: 12 Cm / 4.7 inches

    No3: 14 Cm / 5.51 inches

    No4: 17 Cm / 6.69 inches

    No5: 19 Cm / 7.48 inches


    Antep Copper & Brass

    Gaziantep is one of the first settlements in Anatolia and the biggest city of the southeast Turkey, furthermore it is very popular with its copper and brass crafting. In this department you can see Turkish copper & brass, Ottoman trays, copper & brass braziers.

    • Tray, Ewer, Tugra Ewer, Sliced Milk Pitcher, Copper jar, Teapot, Bowl
    • Brazier, Portable Food Contains, Lantern, Tinned Ottoman Rice Plate
    • Oxidized Copper Lantern, Sugar Bowl, Wine Server, Vase
    • Rice Plate, Samovar, Copper Portable Food Contains, Lantern, Coffee Pot

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