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Bokhara Carpet - 9.7'X12.6'/3X3.9 Mt.


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  • YH00023
  • Width   295 Cm/9.7 Ft  
    Length   385 Cm/12.6 Ft  
    Height   0  
    A well - known city in Uzbekistan - central Asia and popular for being a collection point for Turcoman tribal carpets. Bokhara rugs are generaly referred to any rugs which have a design derived from the motif of the Turcoman. The Bokhara patterns, produced in the central Asian nation of Turkistan, are traditionally a deep shade of red with a repeating pattern of polygons, colors are in dark blue, black or brown with white accents.
    Property Value
    Rug by Size 10X13Ft.
    Rugs by Shape Rectangular
    Rugs by Material Wool on wool
    Rugs by Age New
    Rugs by Condition Fine

    Central Asian Rugs

    In Central Asia, remnants of fine handmade wool carpets preserved in graves as old as the fifth century BC imply that the tradition of carpet weaving dates to still earlier times, although these ancient rugs were not necessarily locally woven. Central Asian rugs today are traditionally wool pile on a wool foundation. In older rugs, cotton was used in the pile or to supplement the foundation, but cotton warps are a late introduction. Some few Central Asian carpets use silk, but these are rare, compared with those of wool. (Kilims are rugs or covers made by Turks of Central Asia of flat-woven material.) In this department you can find oriental area rugs, antique oriental rugs.We have discount oriental rugs.

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    • Kabil Rugs.
      You can have some info  about oriental rugs at our Oriental Rugs Page

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