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Nargile- Turkish Water Pipe

A water-pipe consists of various parts: The body, bowl, tube and mouthpiece: Body: This is the part where the bowl is placed. It looks like a decanter. It is filled with water to cleanse soot belched out by burning tobacco and also to absorb the nicoti

A water-pipe consists of various parts: The body, bowl, tube and mouthpiece:    Body: This is the part where the bowl is placed. It looks like a decanter. It is filled with water to cleanse soot belched out by burning tobacco and also to absorb the nicotine. Though the body is usually made of glass or steel, you could find more elegant ones made out of porcelain on which gold, silver or coral were also used to embellish its appearance.

Bowl: Tobacco is put in the bowl which is pierced and covered with a conical cap in order that the flame be sheltered on windy days.

Tube: Air in the body part, is conveyed by means of this tube which is usually made out of amber. There may be more than one tube so that two or more people can smoke together while chatting.
Mouthpiece: At the end kept at the end of the tube to lighten smoke.

Preparing Your Water Pipe To Smoke

1. Screw your trunk pipe until it touches the plastic ring in the trunk.

2. Fill the glass base of the water pipe with cold water.8-10 pcs. of ice can be added  into water.

3. Screw your trunk to glass base until the base contacts the ring, in the trunk.


4. Make sure that the tube from the trunk pipe should be immersed into the water about 1-2 cm. If the water level is not proper, arrange the level of water accordingly.

5. Attach the hose to the trunk and make sure that the joint is airtight.

6. Test that your setup is airtight by placing your hand on top of the water pipe and then sucking in through the hose. There should not come any air through. If any bubbles are formed in the water, it means that air comes through, in this case check the rings of both trunk pipe and glass base which is located inside the trunk and if it is necessary you should screw them a bit more without forcing.
7. Put some of the tobacco into the Ceramic Tobacco Bowl crumbling into the small pieces. The level of tobacco should not exceed over the border of the Ceramic Tobacco Bowl.

8. Cover the tobacco bowl with the aluminum foil which is to be as big as to wrap the border. Then, stroke the aluminum foil around to supply airtight.(It is recommended to use thick foil.)

10. Place the tobacco bowl on the top of the trunk with the bowl seal to join airtight.9. The foil should be pierced as shown in the picture with your tong’s string or something sharp.

11. Now light your charcoal of your water pipe. After you charcoal is burned, turn off your oven and let it wait 3-5 minutes until the surface of it gets white and locate them on the tobacco bowl as shown in the picture with your tong. At start just put three pieces. After they get smaller and die down, you put two pieces to go on.

12. After 4-5 minutes locating the charcoal on the bowl, you can start smoking. It may take 10-15 minutes to reach the top level of satisfaction.

Recommends for Tips & Comfortable Smoking 

should suck from the tube like you are breathing.

_While you are smoking, you should not suck too long and so frequently.

_You should put cold water into the glass base of the water pipe and some ice into it.

-If you have a problem with your throat like coughing, loosing breath during your smoking session, you should pick the charcoals off the bowl to let the bowl and tobacco get cooler. At the meantime, you should puff off the dense air out of the glass base from the hose through the air release marble by blowing it. After a short period, you should put the charcoal back on the bowl again then go on smoking.

_It is recommended to puff through the tube at certain intervals to release the high density air out of the glass base from the air releasing valve to enhance your smoking experience. If the air is not discharged from the air release valve, although you puffed from the tube, you should unscrew the valve from right to the left then clean the small ball and its hose and after cleaning and drying, it should be screwed again.

_The average smoking time your water pipe is 1-1.5 hours (it may vary from size of the tobacco bowl)

_It is recommended not to smoke the same tube used with cappuccino-coffee flavor tobaccos with other ones.

_We recommend you to add at least 50% milk into the water you put in the glass base with a dessertspoonful coffee when you smoke coffee and cappuccino flavored tobacco to have a cooler smoke.

_According to the type of the tobacco flavor you are smoking, you can also add the same flavored powder of the same fruit into the glass base.

_Keep your tobaccos in airtight pots after you open its original packing.

_You can enjoy gracious smoking by adding up one or two small pieces of mint tobacco into the tobacco in your bowl.

_We recommend you to smoke outside but not in windy places.

_It is recommended not to smoke in short periods. Smoke in relaxing times.

_You should wash the glass base, truck and bowl, after every smoke.

_You should smoke on a full stomach.

_While you are smoking water pipe, it is recommended to eat salty cereals (preferably salty peanuts can be eaten)

_You can wash your elastic tube once a month. You should dry it at natural atmosphere by hanging and not leaving any water in it. (This recommendation is only valid for the brand pipes which are available in the water pipe kit)

The History of Water Pipe


The human being first discovered the tobacco before Christ. People those burned the leaves of tobacco to pray the God, noticed the pleasant taste and since then it has been used. The tobacco is shaped by lots of civilization until today. It is used in pipe, became cigars, cigarette and just chewed, but none of these styles become united more than that of water pipe.

The Indians, who were burning the coconut outer layer which was similar to tobacco and by inserting a bamboo into a coconut to enjoy, started the water pipe culture that would go on for centuries. Water pipe has transformed to be a culture from that time up till now. The ancestors have set a great value as much as to inherit water pipe to their grandchildren. Sometimes it took its places beside the Sultans and sometimes it was deprived of the value it deserved.

Today, the water pipe and the dazzling culture around it is preparing to turn back to its magnificent old days. Day by day the culture which adds magic to the tobacco is getting more and more interest.

The name water pipe which is an important part of eastern culture derives from a Persian word ‘nargile’ which means coconut. The first samples of water pipe which was named ‘Sisa’in Arabic and ‘Kalyan’ in Persian was seen in India. The first water pipe, which was made of the coconut’s outer layer that was similar to the tobacco by inserting a bamboo to the coconut, left its place to marrow squash while bringing a new dimension consumption of Indian hemp. After getting popular day by day, porcelain and silver body water pipes appeared and followed by the tile, silver plated and glass made water pipes. First it became widespread among the Persian and Arabs.

The Ottoman Empire defined as the civilization of conversation by the researchers was inhaling the smoke of the water pipe and smoking it through the air since the day first knew the water pipe in 16th Century.

Today, water pipe is still continuing the mission to be the best friend of the chatting experts without losing its mission as it was in the past. Because, according to the addicts, smoking water pipe alone does not make any sense without chatting. Hence; coffee houses still keep their popularity as the residence of chat and conversation.


Smoking water pipe is not only so delicious but also hard to prepare. It seems so easy to prepare water pipe to smoke from exterior but fundamentally it needs many processes to follow. The water pipe consists of ‘Tobacco Bowl’, ‘Trunk’, ‘tube’ and the ‘Glass base’.

The part that we put the tobacco is called as ‘Lüle’(Ceramic tobacco bowl), the long trunk is called as ‘Ser’, the glass base where we pour the water to filter the smoke is called ‘sisa’ and the elastic tube which transports the smoke in the glass base to your mouth is called as ‘Marpuc’.

he most important element of the water pipe is the tobacco. The tobacco, which is named ‘’ Tömbeki’’ is left to be dampened after it is chopped up the night before. It is kept for some time by covering with a dampish towel. The secret of a good water pipe lies behind the good dampening of the tobacco. The tobacco is carefully placed into the ceramic tobacco bowl, that‘s into the holey bowl, after having left into the water for some time by squeezing its water right before the service ; and then the is holed right from the center by the help of steel pins. The tobacco placed into the bowl is wrapped with again dampened but halved tobacco leaf and whose large venous are taken. And then it is burned with the cinder from Pırnal Coal, which is obtained from a short natured oak tree, placing it on the long trunk. This is a classical tobacco type, that’s a type of tobacco used by the Ottomans and other nations till a few years’ before.


Today, there is another sort of tobacco which is imported from Egypt and Jordan and called Bahri or Arabian tobacco besides of that. These tobaccos are made of fermented fruits and especially demanded by the teenager smokers. These types of tobaccos are made of fruit or plants which have sharp smells like apple, mint, and apricot. Strawberry, banana, pine apples. The most expensive tobaccos are the ones with honey, rose and cappuccino flowered which are imported from S. Arabia.

The water that is poured into the glass base may vary as per the type of the tobacco which you choose to smoke. For instance; if you want to smoke cappuccino or banana flowered tobacco you should pour milk instead of water into the glass base.


The tobacco entered the world of Ottomans and started to be smoked between the years 1601-1603, 110 years after the America was discovered. At first, they were only charging customs duty from the tobaccos imported from foreign countries; but later on, The Religious Authorities announced a fatwa against the tobacco use upon the increase of tobacco addicts Thereupon, the Sultan Ahmet, the First, issued a mandate in order to ban the usage of the tobacco; but during the era of the Sultan Mustafa and Osman , the Second, whom had the power after Sultan Ahmet the First, the prohibition had no important effect.


Sipsi (mouthpiece): A mouthpiece to mount to the elastic tube to make the water pipe economical and is given to the ones who want to smoke.

Lüle (Ceramic Tobacco Bowl): It is the ceramic bowl where the tobacco is placed in without compressing and the cinder put on.

Tömbeki (Tobacco): The only water pipe tobacco used before the flavored tobaccos is produced.

Mıngır: (Charcoal): The charcoal of the water pipe should last longer; therefore, burned and slaked oak is used.
Marpuç (Elastic Tube): The whole part from the trunk to the edge where the smoke is sucked, including the tube.



It is necessary to know all the smoking techniques to enjoy the water pipe. All professional smokers had determined a different and personal from of pleasure. However, the point which all the smokers agree on is that ‘IT IS BETTER TO SMOKE SLOW BY SLOW’.

Here are some of the smoking techniques according to the professional;

First of all, it is smoked like a pipe, not like cigarettes. It means that you should suck like breathing so that the water in the base can bubble and tobacco burns easily.

At the meantime; there are two different smoking techniques-one from stomach and the other from breast. Smoking with breast is more difficult, so smoking from the stomach is preferred. In this method you suck the smoke through your stomach using your diaphragm and blow it out.

There is air pocket above in the water base and when you suck you suck from the elastic tube the smoke goes right there. After that it vacuums through the water and then flows into the water. At last it arrives at you.
The most important difference that distinguishes the water pipe from the cigarette is that the smoke gets cooled through the water and in this stage the harmful materials in the tobacco is filtered.


The chat culture encircled around the water pipe has brought the human being some communication words together.

The most popular ones defining the water pipes are the words ‘’ masa (tongs), mese (charcoal), kose (corner), Ayse (name of female)…In fact, each of these words which make a rhyme when listed side by side tells us many things.

The fire, the correlation of the tobacco, brought ‘’ Masa’’, tongs, along with it. We surely need the tongs to refresh the cinder of the water pipe all the time.

‘Mese’, the charcoal, is the inevitable element of the fire. Because it implies that the charcoal is to be made of the oak tree.

Undoubtedly, one of the main features of smoking water pipes is not to smoke the water pipe in on ordinary place. You need to find a ‘Kose’, corner, for yourself in order that the respect to the water pipe and its culture is not being interrupted by any trivial excuses. The last word of the tong twister ‘’ Ayse’’ is the title giving to the ones in the serviced. ‘Ayse’ defines the quality service and smooth-face of the waiters/ waitresses.


The water pipe has its own traditional manner rules as every environment does. These rules the attendants who inherited from their ancestors are rather interesting even though they are not respected by the youngsters:

-The water pipe should be smoked at outdoors and quiet places

-You should not speak loudly when you are smoking.

-You should never light your cigarette from the fire of water pipe.

If it becomes necessary to do so, you should hold the cinder with your tongs and light your cigarette.

-You should not place your water pipe higher than your seat and other water pipes. Because it is consider as a bad manner.

-If you smoke with others, you should use your mouthpiece.

-If you smoke with others, you should not give the elastic tube directly to their hands. You should put the elastic tube on the table so that other smokers can take it from there.


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