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Arena 3D Chess Board Big Size - Black

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     Attention ❕

    This product is handmade and no composite materials are used. Our products are made of real wood and natural wooden parts.
    Please do not compare our products with printed products.

    17.5 Area 3D Model Chess set greatly carved and shaped made of mother of pearl and wooden natural black painted veneer. It has mosaics overlaid obtained from various woods around it and squares are overlaid with wooden natural black painted veneer and mother of pearl.

    All colors you see are natural colors of various woods.

    During Roman times, gladiators ferociously fought in the Arena, defeating wild animals and competitors in hand to hand combat. When we look back on history we can see that the most successful gladiators were not only strong but strategic & knowledgeable. They were strong in body and mind.

    Today, our Arena is life. All of us are fighting to reach our goals, achieve our dreams, & live more satisfying lives. Success is not given, it is created through hard work, strategy, and goal setting. Its all is about being strong in mind.

    As a strategy game, Chess has an increasing popularity. The depths of chess has been (and still is) thoroughly explored more so than almost any other game. Quotes from people who directed world, its positive effects on strategic thinking and being a great tool to make friends increase its popularity.

    We have taken all these concepts and designed a chess board shaped for the gladiator within you. The Chess Arena will make your office or home more elegant with its classy shape and unique design. It will always remind you of the importance of strategy. And yes, we are chess lovers too!

    Package Includes:1 Chess BoardFabric Bag.

    ♞Note: Figures are not included in the price.

    ♞Beautifully crafted in Turkey.


    The main board is made of wood .Squares are inlaid with black veneer and mother of pearl .Sides are decorated with handmade wooden mosaic .

    Size: 17.51 inches (44.5x42x6 cm)
    Weight: 5 kg
    Squares Size: 62-35 mm
    Ideal for a king height of 3.5 inches.

    * Important note about delivery:

    Please check your order before you have received it. We are very careful about the packaging to our item intact and make our clients satisfied. If you notice that there is a damage on the outer box or package, please take photo of the damage. Inform the driver and let him take a note about the damage. Anyway, you may contact us for any problem and we always help our customers with any issue they faced with our items.

    * Note about customs fees :

    Since we are shipping from Turkey , some countries apply customs fees which we can not control it. Please be advised .

    * Shipping to countries Which are not in the list of shipping , please contact us .

    Turkish Chess Sets

    The Enjoyistanbul offers the very finest chess sets - so popular, they never go out of style. Many of our boards are intarsia, intricately detailed wood "mosaics" similar to marquetry. Be sure to click on larger image photos to see their exquisite surfaces! Sit before one of our chessboards, hold the pieces in your hand, and imagine you are in an Istanbul café, a British pub, or a park in Paris. The classic gift for intellectuals of all ages, on any occasion. Our Chess Sets department includes:

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