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Turkish Nargile - Babylonian

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    Width   20 Cm / 27.9 inches  
    Length   20 Cm / 27.9 inches  
    Height   71 Cm / 16.6 inches  

    Inner Ser Tube Is Made Of Stainless Steel.

    Its body is made of aluminum.

    This hookah set is suitable for both home and cafe use. Here we will provide information for home users.

    First of all, we must say that this hookah set is the most durable type of hookah set among Steel Locked sets, although it may be difficult to install at first. As we said, the reason for choosing this hookah set is both its longevity and the price advantage that the hookah set offers you.

    First of all, when you buy this type of hookah set, it is useful to lubricate the locked parts with vaseline before installation.

    You can easily mount the hot part of the hookah to the bottom of the part that comes into the bottle by turning it in a semicircle to the left.

    Then install the nozzle's gasket that comes with the set. Our hookah is almost set. Now let's put some water in the bottle before locking it into the serial bottle. The amount of water should exceed the pipe entering the cool bottle by 1-2 cm. After squeezing the lance we sent you into the Serin lance part, your hookah is ready to smoke.

    The nargile (NAHR-gee-leh), or Turkish water pipe, has for centuries been an icon of Eastern café culture. By forcing tobacco smoke through water, the nargile partially filters tar and particulates from smoke, in addition to cooling it. Also called a hookah or hubble-bubble, the nargile became popular in Turkey during the 1700s, at the height of the Ottoman Empire, and by the 19th century its pleasures had been discovered by European high society. After World War II, most smokers switched to cigarets. But now the nargile is back--and an increasingly trendy social activity in the coffee-house cultures of Spain, Sweden, Britain, and Asia, as well as the U.S.A.. 

    Property Value
    Nargile by Height Tall

    Preparing Your Water Pipe To Smoke

    1. Screw your trunk pipe until it touches the plastic ring in the trunk.

    2. Fill the glass base of the water pipe with cold water.8-10 pcs. of ice can be added  into water.

    3. Screw your trunk to glass base until the base contacts the ring, in the trunk.


    4. Make sure that the tube from the trunk pipe should be immersed into the water about 1-2 cm. If the water level is not proper, arrange the level of water accordingly.

    5. Attach the hose to the trunk and make sure that the joint is airtight.

    6. Test that your setup is airtight by placing your hand on top of the water pipe and then sucking in through the hose. There should not come any air through. If any bubbles are formed in the water, it means that air comes through, in this case check the rings of both trunk pipe and glass base which is located inside the trunk and if it is necessary you should screw them a bit more without forcing.
    7. Put some of the tobacco into the Ceramic Tobacco Bowl crumbling into the small pieces. The level of tobacco should not exceed over the border of the Ceramic Tobacco Bowl.

    8. Cover the tobacco bowl with the aluminum foil which is to be as big as to wrap the border. Then, stroke the aluminum foil around to supply airtight.(It is recommended to use thick foil.)

    10. Place the tobacco bowl on the top of the trunk with the bowl seal to join airtight.9. The foil should be pierced as shown in the picture with your tong’s string or something sharp.

    11. Now light your charcoal of your water pipe. After you charcoal is burned, turn off your oven and let it wait 3-5 minutes until the surface of it gets white and locate them on the tobacco bowl as shown in the picture with your tong. At start just put three pieces. After they get smaller and die down, you put two pieces to go on.

    12. After 4-5 minutes locating the charcoal on the bowl, you can start smoking. It may take 10-15 minutes to reach the top level of satisfaction.

    More info about  Nargile and Nargile instructions is on Nargile Blog page


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