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Bostanci (pronounced Boss - Tun - Jah), which literally means the gardener was a soldier in the Corps of imperial Guards who were located within the palace and who performed their duty as very close to the sultan. The duty of the imperial guards was to provide the maintenance and security of the palace as well as the city. They had a jurisdiction over the shores and waters of the Bosphorus. it was forbidden to build a waterside mansion in Bosphorus waters without permission of the Commander of Bostancis. While the sultan was touring on the imperial rowboat, only the members of the Bostanci corps could be on board and the commander of Bostancis was steering the rowboat. Except the revolt of 1703, the members of Bostanci corps did not take part in any revolt and they were the most devoted and loyal Kapikulu corps of the sultan. While the sultan went out among the people in disguise, only members of Bostanci corps were accompanying to the sultan. He was executing the death sentences of the senior officials such as vizier. The commander of Bostanci corps was the only person apart from the sultan who was allowed to grow beard in the palace. There was nobody among the thousands of palace members with beard except the sultan and the commander of the Bostanci corps. They were also assigned to control the entries and exits at the Kucukcekmece and Bostanci bridges. They were taking away from istanbul the persons who had no permit certificates issued by the courts, and who did not bring their permit certificates within one week after entering the city and also the fugitives.
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