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    Our products, which will nourish your skin with aromatic oils and will suit your bathroom with its stylish box, are 125 grams. • Due to its exceptional moisturizing properties, glycerin is widely used in skin care products. Some of the benefits of glycerine, which is considered an important component in moisturizers and lotions, for human health are as follows: Moisturizes the skin, Nourishes the skin, Maintains the water balance of the skin, Removes skin wrinkles, Helps protect the skin against harmful UV rays, Reduces acne, Good for hand and foot calluses It is good for eczema and psoriasis, Heals cracks in the heel, When applied to damp hair, it helps to repair and strengthen the hair, reducing shedding and helping to eliminate these problems. • Warning: Although there are no reported side effects, glycerin and oils are a natural product, so there is always the potential for an allergic reaction. If you see an unexpected reaction on the skin, stop using it and consult your doctor.

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